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Photos from the Past

The Memphis Blazers were formed in 1961 from a group of high school classmates and fraternity friends. Memphis produced many good 1960ís bands. However, The Memphis Blazers had longevity and featured some of the best musicians and vocalists in the Memphis area. The Memphis Blazers often backed soul music artists like The Masqueraders and the incomparable late, great Rufus Thomas.


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L-R: Gene Johnson, Jim Key


L-R: Jim Mitchell, Lou Bosdorf, Joe Arnold

L-R: Jim Grivich (Trumpet),
Joe Arnold (Sax), Robert Smith (Trombone)


Four hours of great rock n' roll

The Memphis Blazers played dances every weekend

L-R: Gene Johnson, Robert Smith, Jim Mitchell

L-R: Bobby Manuel, Buddy Skipper

L-R: Robert Smith, Jim Mitchell, Harry Mullins, Dickie Cooper,
Joe Arnold, Gene Johnson, Bill Melton
~New Year's Eve, 1967~

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