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CD ~ Rockin' Rhythm Revue

The Memphis Blazers rocked the Memphis and Mid-South region from 1961 to 1968 and again in 1974-75. Now, over forty years later, get ready to hear a Rockin⨹thm Revue by The Memphis Blazers. All of the tracks were recorded in Memphis by recording engineers, like the former Sun Studios guitarist Roland Janes, who were among the best at capturing the Memphis "soul" sound. The collection of original tracks includes a range of music from rhythm and blues, to 1960ಯck ಯll, and even a psychedelic track. Cover tracks reflect the soul music preferences of The Memphis Blazers with classics from Lloyd Price, Eddie Floyd, Marvin Gaye, The Temptations, James Brown, Bobby Lewis, Ben E. King, The Guess Who, The Animals, and Earl King.


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The Memphis Blazers were always more than just a "guitar band". These recordings feature the driving sound of their blues based instrumental rhythm section and horns, plus the "blue-eyed soul" lead singing and tight vocal harmonies that were this band͊ signature. Don't miss Track 15 - Trick Bag.


Joe Arnold, Lee Baker,
Dickie Cooper, and Cecil O'Daniel.



Have You Ever Had
the Blues?

Hard to Please (2:44)

Knock on Wood (2:33)

Ainԯo Proud
to Beg

Try Me (2:41)

Never (2:44)


Losing Your Love (2:19)

Hitch Hike (2:13) 

Star Baby (2:12)

Stand By Me (4:25)

Destruction of a Fool (2:09)

We Gotta Get Out of This Place (3:10)

Sweet Taste of Blue (3:12)

Trick Bag (2:59)



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 Recording engineer Roland Janes at
Sam Phillips Studios mixing console
Trick Bag was recorded at Phillips Studios.


Larry Nix at mastering computer -
L. Nix and Co. inside Ardent Studios

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