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Recent Photos

L-R: Jim Mitchell, Steve Cropper, Gene Johnson

Steve Cropper, legendary STAX Records songwriter and lead guitarist for Booker T. and the M.G.’s plus the Blues Brothers Band, along with Jim Mitchell and Gene Johnson of The Memphis Blazers, recalled their shared Memphis music memories backstage at the Memphis Sounds television program, 2007.

jim beale

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L-R: Rufus Thomas and Jim Mitchell
on Beale Street
The Memphis Blazers often
backed Rufus in the 1960's.


L-R: Gene Johnson, George Klein,
and Jim Mitchell at Bluesville Museum

Great studio guitarists and recording engineers, Bobby Manuel (Stax Studios) and Roland Janes (Sun Studios) at Sam Phillips Studios, the early home of Rock n' Roll.


Larry Nix with gold and platinum albums
mastered at L. Nix and Co.

The Memphis Garage Rock Yearbook 1960-1975, published by Shangri-la Projects was released on September 6, 2003. Ron Hall authored this outstanding 136-page collection of photos and memorabilia to highlight the amazing range of great bands and musicians that performed in Memphis during the era. The Memphis Blazers band was reunited to highlight the book release party. Enjoy the photos and a sample of sound clips from the show.

Live at Shangri-la
The Garage Rock Yearbook Release Party

L-R:  Ed Cleveland, Bobby Manuel, John DeWitt


John DeWitt

L-R:  Rick Steff, Ed Cleveland,
John DeWitt, Steve Spear


L-R:  Robert Smith, Jim Mitchell, Ed Cleveland (drums),
Lou Bosdorf, Bobby Manuel, Gene Johnson,
John DeWitt, Steve Spear

L-R:  (front)  Bobby Manuel, Jim Mitchell, Robert Smith
(back) Jim Grivich, John DeWitt, Lou Bosdorf, Gene Johnson


Bobby Manuel

The following is a sample of songs
performed at Live at Shangri-la
on September 6, 2003.


Let's Go-Thrill Upon the Hill


  Photos from the Past


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