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Remember the Era?

"It's the mid 1960's in Memphis, Tennessee, the home of Rock 'n Roll and Memphis soul music. George Klein, the top disc jockey in the Memphis Mid-South region had this to say about the Memphis music scene:

"The Blazers are the hottest thing?
I really dig their soul sound."

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L-R: Swain Schaeffer, Bill Melton, Joe Arnold,
Dickie Cooper, Jim Mitchell, Gene Johnson, Jim Grivich

Legendary DJ George Klein at Bluesville Museum - Horseshoe Casino

L-R: Jim Mitchell, George Klein, Gene Johnson on the set of the Memphis Sounds television program

George Klein, or "G.K." as he was known on the radio, was the leading disc jockey in the Memphis area in the 1960's. Broadcasting daily on WHBQ-AM 56, his show was "Push button one on every radio dial". G.K. was the unquestioned authority on the hottest Memphis music. George Klein also created and hosted an extremely popular weekly Memphis television show-Talent Party -which showcased both local and national bands. The Memphis Blazers were featured often on Talent Party. G.K. was a high school classmate of Elvis Presley, and remained one of Elvis's closest friends throughout Presley's great career. George Klein continues today as one of the most important persons in the extensive heritage of Memphis music.

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